Industrial Grade Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a toxic, colorless, odorless and explosive gas that is less than 0.4% in the atmosphere. In general, we all think that this gas is a threat to human life. But the whole context changes when this carbon dioxide is used for factories. .

As it may seem incredible but the truth is that industrial grade carbon dioxide (99.90%) is regularly used in food and beverage, metal designing, automobiles, oil extraction and other purposes.

Carbon dioxide is not only produced in natural and human causes, but it can also be converted directly into gas without being converted into a liquid by making it in the form of dry ice in a lab or factory. However, in industry it has to be used through cylinders. There are many ways to make this carbon dioxide, but the most effective way to make it is to extinguisher. Carbon dioxide extinguisher works by suffocating the fire.

After burning natural gas in a gas production factory, it produces hydrogen and carbon. The carbon obtained from it is combined with oxygen to form carbon dioxide as a byproduct.

The carbon dioxide produced in this way is then cylindered and supplied to various manufacturing plants. These standard for industrial grade carbon dioxide set by the american Compressed Gas Association (CGA) which is followed globally.

The hard or soft drinks we eat would not be possible without carbon dioxide. This gas also has a role in food preservation. The metal industry may not be able to do any design work without this gas. The biggest thing is that it would not have been possible to make a fire extinguisher, unless this gas could be made suitable for industrial use.

Therefore, just as the use of appropriate industrial grade carbon dioxide can bring dynamism to the country's manufacturing industry, it can also protect mankind from potential catastrophe by ensuring its environment friendly use.